With our personalized and professional services, we are here to help you.  We help you navigate and understand the confusing regulatory hurdles. We assist you from the very beginning and help you to understand the compliance needs of the government entities such as  U.S. Customs, FDA, USDA, FCC, EPA & DOT.  We help you succeed in getting your items to you.  We navigate all the government regulations in order for you to have a successful transaction and avoid costly mistakes.

Let us guide you with your first shipment, no matter how small or large your import or export shipment might be.   We are here to assist you regardless of your geographical location. We are governed to do business in any U.S. Port or Airport. We are a nationally licensed customhouse broker by U.S. Customs & Border Protection. 

We can help you by: 


Understanding why you need to file with US Customs & Border Protection an  ISF 10 + 2  for your Ocean Import Shipment to avoid penalties
We will explain who is the Shipper, Consignee and notify Party in your shipment & setup your documentation accurately
What Import Documents are required by U.S. Customs and what documents are needed by your supplier/seller 
Finding the U.S. Customs Harmonized Tariff, Import Duties and fees
Explain different Shipping Terms and terminology such as : FOB, CIF, Ex-Factory,
Advise you of different payment options dealing with different carriers  such as, air, ocean, pier & warehouse charges
Inform you if you need to cover your shipment with Cargo Insurance
Make the best possible U.S. Customs Entry for the clearance and release of your shipment
Discuss U.S. Customs X Ray and Physical examination and its related costs
Go over all delivery options of your shipment to your residence or place of business


We will advise what documents are required by CBP and Commerce Department
Let you know if Air or Ocean shipping is the best and most cost effective for your product
What are the best packing options for your merchandise or goods such as pallet, liftvan or  20’/40 ft container
Explain who is the Shipper, Consignee, Notify party in your shipment?
We will inform you what are the requirements to file an AES Export Declaration
Why an Original Title is required by Customs & Border Protection to export a Motor Vehicle
We will explain if  you need to cover your shipment with Cargo Insurance
Discuss Trucking Services to pick up and delivery your shipment from origin and destination 

Call  or e-mail to discuss your options. We would like to assist you in becoming compliant with all the regulations. 

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